Marjan Industrial Development LLC(MID) Quality, Health, Safety and Environment begins with the commitment of senior leaders and the workforce including new recruits to implementing QHSE Management System in the organization. The teamwork along with unequivocal commitment of every employee augments company’s image, values and reputation in all spheres of our Oil & Gas business. It’s customer-centric approach and QHSE reporting have facilitated to expand and sustain its reputable customers ever since MID was established in the U.A.E.

MID maintains an integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management system based on three international standards which comply to ISO9001:2008 for QMS, ISO14001:2004 for EMS and OHSAS 18001:2007 and is in the process of migrating its management system to comply with the standards of ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System.

The structure of the organization and the pertinent QHSE responsibilities cascaded down to all parts of the service portfolios are emphasized and the arrangements in place ensure that all policies are implemented, controlled, monitored, improved and revised as necessitated. MID is committed to preventing accidents and protecting environment, in this regard, all stringent measures are applied with an aim to becoming an enviable leader in workplace safety, and will strive to go forward through a strategic plans based on world class performance and high standards of integrity.

MID complies with the applicable legal, regulatory, customers and other requirements that constitute the basis of its procedures and technical specifications. It strongly recognizes that a foremost element in its business accomplishment is the prominence it has placed on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE). MID provides its customers with professional services and optimum technical standards which comply with the customers’ specific QHSE requirements and local statutory requirements.  All of our employees, work facilities, principals and partners are accountable for pursuing these goals by driving the QHSE Management system and Programs.

MID applies OEM recommended maintenance management system to ensure all equipment are in safe mode and in excellent working condition at all times. All business units are aligned to meet the requirements of our parent company, Al Fahim Group, QHSE Management System wherever shared services and procedures are applicable and all the relevant policies and objectives are defined and captured to the maximum extent.  

MID’s facilities are placed strategically with a primary focus on road safety for deployment of equipment to Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas concession fields and are audited periodically to verify compliance with MID’s QHSE Performance Standards, Policies, Procedures, and the laws and regulations of the applicable governing entities. MID has a resolute conviction in its management system which caters to and pave way for compact foundation to help maintain zero incidents in our activities.


QHSE Management system